I cut the power!

by Sevki
15 Sep 2020
[pdf and ps]


When developping an operating system, one has to press and hold the power button A LOT.

Even when I haven't borked the kernel into an unusuable state, I need to do a hard reboots all the time. Operating system development should be fun and and It's gettin', it's gettin', it's gettin' kinda hectic.

Time to automate the process!

For the first pass I tried keeping things stupid simple

I got a teensy 4.1. I set the 13th digital pin (which also controls the led) as output followed the RawHID example

Pin 13 is also teensy's embedded led. When 13th pin is set to high the relay shorts the power switch and turns on the test machine.

To turn on the machine I send a single char over serialm

version 1

Which engages the relay and that in turn shorts the power switch.


It works, I hate it!

What's next?